Constructional collection theory at Antony gednaz (rejection of unity vision for explanation)

  • Yahyah Khairallah Auda


The term (agency-structure) which means double (action-structure) which means the nature of controversial relation between action and the structure and it is modern direction in approach found by greatest scientist such as beer borduo and Antony gednaz.Antony gednaz deals with the goop between the action and structure and he see that the agency has the important in the collection of social structure as he confesses by the role of social structure in the change of from of the agency and practing and in his approach sail…that from the necessary to admit that wear able to stimulate in the formulation of social structure and rearrange in the same time through thinking and humanistic socienties in continuous case from difference and collection and it built and collection from day to day for our benefit wear the human.Gednaz in the process of rebuilt social structure give for the agent super ability becamse it is the agent who can face and constructed the social structure, the structure existed on individuals level as the agency create the structure in every practing memont who the individual do it for this reason he sail (the structure and agency in the case of differences and collection which ever never finish and start anther course from structure and agency.The oldest relation between structure and agency on the humanistic behavior central issue in the current discussion on social science and other social science in this context which in dictate agency to individual ability on behavior in independent way and their ability on working by special free selection and the agency theories and individual theories called microsociology theory or individualism.The structure is defer from agency indicate the external effectives about the ability of individual which restricted the selection of individual and the chances of their selection and what they won .this means that there is external power collect the behavior and restricted the selection and there is no direct role for individual for this collection and this theories called holism and the originator of this theory dorkian which usually called in social culture the "macrosociology" theory


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