War and Harmony of Death

  • fatma B. Hussain


War is asocial phenomenon in which two powers or more conflict with each other to gain control and will ,because the winning power considers itself as the owner of right and mastery of imposing its rules over the losing one.The controversy of war and death is regarded as the language of our time and it is the most recognized phase of our life.This belongs to the human nature which tends to war during the time of fall. more over, people feel that problems, solving can be done either by war or by imposing will through the use of power in order to smash and erase others.This study aims to spot light on the novels that deal with the subject of civil war like:1_the journey of little Ghandi by Elias Khori,2-confessions by Rabie Jabber, and3_Aflower by HananAl_Shaikh. 



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