Asiologih theoretical models and the dominant In Sociology

  • Dr.Ahmed Hassan Hussein
  • Ahmed Hassan Hussein


Results in complexity and the large number of sociological theories of difficulties in the formulation of criteria for classifying a more assertive and classification. According to the level of generality, may be classified social theories to general theories of society (so-called 'theories of major') and theories of a particular society (the so-called theories of minor) and the sees historians sociological theory that the general theories of society, including patterns of social each of Auguste Comte, and Herbert Spencer , and Max Weber, as well as the Marxist theory of society. It is worth mentioning that sociological theories are a special feature of the modern routers Asiologih which through the entirety of theoretical and empirical research is trying to give a picture of some of adequate social phenomena (such as city and village, work, family and social groups and social structure and social changes


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