Identities in conflict CV Desire to contact and separation

  • Dr.Atheer Mohammed Shehab


We do not want the address that we set him to a tiger biographical and their definitions lexical that emphasize it (history written for the life of a person) () no matter how different methods, as far as we seek to provide a vision different from full of the curriculum mid-nineteenth century, this variant formed the characteristic stylistic identified identity building systems that are on it.Be expressed in term CV for taking biography of a person in a historic was the mother of art and that (the figures biography real, it does not stop her from being the material for a work of art) (), taking into account other accessories that add beauty to the methods of narrative, including pursuing the intended curriculum of minor figures, or political events have affected some way or another in building the central figure, however, a typical scenario for the construction of biography, we find that there is a privacy able Biography Arab has to offer within that period, set up by the political systems is able to manage governance, and the colonization of making the Arab people in sustained loss of a tradition of it, and the customs and traditions of the novel is unwilling to integrate into the future sometimes and other times 

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