((Raising the omission from the book ((Introduction to the grammar))

  • Dr.Adnan Amin Mohammed


For the revival of the ancient heritage - Damascus 0.1381 E - 1961, published a book ((Introduction to the grammar)) for (behind Ben Hibbaan Red optical (b) to achieve: Azzedine Altnouha) and dealt hands the book, and eyes to read and grace, the promise of a source class first in research and studies, and retained by the shelves of public and private reservoirs and went half a century of publication of the book ... Without notes the student, or investigator to figure erythrodermic, or the investigation Onach him Honorable Altnokhi that was his excuse only, and accepted that he did not find is a single copy of his manuscripts () Then came the consolidation of the Senate and Alasativ certificate signed by the support of this ratio of legitimacy, it became the book of genes (behind Ben Hibbaan optical) 




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