The features of Romanticism in safa al-Haidari ,s Poetry - A Critical study -

  • Dr.Safa al-Din Ahmed Fadel


Romanticism speared as a literary school based upon by – passing the prescribed rules the belief in the dominance of imagination over that mind . lt also relies upon symbolism as well as mystery and its unbridled penetration into the realm of imagination which tends to be subjective is obvious .It appears, though , that the Apollo poetic group which has been setup on the basis of modern critical maturity has believed in this poetic tenet. So , in the aftermath of the thirties, Arabic poetry used to have modern concepts due the straightforward understanding of his own experience – This, in fact , can be viewed clearly through the transition of the poets affiliated to this school to the romantic poetry because of the harsh life conditions. Of those whe were influenced by this new movement ,i-e. the Apollo poetic school was safa, al- Haidari ,s who composed most of his poems in the manner of the romantic atmosphere This romantic atmosphere constituted a safe haver for the poet in which he embodied his own agonies as well as those of the Arab Nation, thus he represented all that with sincere spirit emanating from his conscious experience . This means that he has adopted this trend as a means of honest expression of his own afflictions as well as his psychological suffering. Al- Haidari has employed ereative imagination in the depiction of his own painting therefore, he is able to represent the beloved through a splendid artistic style tinged with plaintive tunes set t. depict all the distresses of deprivation and the wistfulness of lovers : in additner, he represents the images of frustration, failure in love and the scope of their influence on the self. To him, the beloved is not true, but the concept is something transparent full of trickery.She is, bewildering and confounding enigma. This, however, is observable in his poetic exemplifications. Al- Haidari his embodied his cause, amongst others, in his tornantic poetry which is characterized by sincere passion and ingenious imagery .In other words, he is well capable of expressing matters relevant to artistic flavour through imaginative style and fervent tune full of vivacity, vividness and vigour. This, so to a peak, is so apparent in his diction that an investigator and meditator in his poetry could easily trace the romantic strain and its basics . ln matter of fact, all this is an evidence that he is endowed with literary culture. 




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