Shame in patients with epilepsy

  • Nidaa Jassim Jamal Al-Sa'idi


The shyness is considered as social psychological disease from sociologists and psychologists perspective. It dominates the individual's feelings and senses from childhood. It inflmences the wasting of intellectmal energies and dispersing his creative potentials and mental abilities .It paralyses his ability to control his behavior twards himself and community in which he lives. Feelings of epilepsy as adefect state is one of the most important component of negative impact on the life of epilepsy ills and their morality .This is general issme we typically encomnter for epilepsy ills in various cultures .Thereby this disease becomes one of the common morbid disorders. This feeling leads many to feel shyness.The current study has aimed at developing ashyness scade for epilepsy patients , knowing the shyness level for epilepsy patients shyness in accordance with gender (males- females ) . The sample of study is about (100) epilepsy patients .The researcher has followed scientific steps in developing shyness scale .Two kinds of validity has been computed ; face validity and construct validity . The reliability has been computed by spilt half method . It is about (0.86) ,and (0.89) after correcting .The study concludes that individuals with epilepsy have shynees of their sick , and that females with epilepsy are more shy them males . The researcher has interpreted this findings according to the adopted theory –Zymbard theory on shyness .In the light of study findings the researcher has set a number of recommendations are : 1- The necessity to concern in medical supervision by mental institutions for medical treatment resmlts in decreasing epilepsy atlack and then decreasing the impact of epilepsy in individual from psychological and physiological regard .2- Demonstrating the role of media to concern in epilepsy and arranging sumpsiums inside and outside healthy institmtions to illmstrate the nature of this disease and how society must look at suggestions are: 1- making a study about some neurotic samptoms of epilepsy patients, aggression, anxiety , and social maladjustment .2- making a study to knwing the social acceptance for different social sections twards the epilepsy .3- making a survey study to know the phychological problems the epilepsy patient smffering from.




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