AL- SHAHK AL AKBAR Muhyid- Din Ibn Arabi and sides of his Mystical philosophy

  • Dr. Nadwa Mohammed Mohammed sheriff


Quietism is a complex phenomenon and it is a spiritual ideology, several people made it as a behavior in their worship , and several of quietists has appeared and the researcher has studied the philosophical Sufi (Muhyid- Din Ibn Arabi) the owner of the theory of loneliness in order to study sides of his Mystical philosophy .Concerning the methodology of the research, she adopts the structural analytics historical approach, in analyzing data.She presents his ideology in compulsion and the place of the will of the creator and will of the human from it, and his division to knowledge and the characteristics of the creator and His speech on perfect human.The most prominent results the researcher arrived are the following:Allah (praised and elevated) is one, absolute and the source of existence and the universe is eternal and is created also, Eternal because it is the eternal knowledge of God, and is creative because since its Gods gift in sense world . God is different from the creation , the right and the creation are the same thing, human is in charge of his work because it is confiscate from him , arrant good and arrant evil are not existed , the real knowledge source is the heart not the mind, the perfect human is the summary of the universal truth and Gods shadow on earth and it was obvious in Adam and Joseph then in prophet Mohammed , he divided the knowledge to sensing and thinking that depends on sense , and mindedly down that depends on thought and higher mind with impossibility of reaching these, lower forces of knowing God 




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