Metaphor from the perspective of my style

  • Dr.Tha'er Hassan Hamad


The study tries to study in the metaphor from stylistic viewpoint. Metaphor is regarded since Aristotle times as the greatest and most important of the rhetorical methods. The researcher introduces the metaphor according to the modern stylistic viewpoint about Stylistics and the most important types. The researcher tackled in sum the expression , individual, structural ,and semiotic stylistic. Then, the research speaks about the elements of the traditional view to metaphor, the researcher found that stylistic tries to take stylistics from the logical strain on which the epistemology has imposed. The study then showed the stylistic statement to the metaphorical structure. The researcher indicated three different structures on which modern theories were based. These structures are the structure of substitution and simile and antithesis or the contracted, and the structure of the metaphorical interaction which took attention of new rhetoric which stylistic represented. The new rhetoric, who adopted the idea of interaction between the focus and the frame, came up to the result that metaphorical meaning spread on the overall structural context, and that the reality is concealed behind metaphor. Therefore, the research studied the interpretation of metaphor because this interpretation as far new rhetoric. It is only a process of search for the truth.




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