Profiles of social criticism in the poet of al-Abbasid

  • Thaer Samir Hassan Shammari


As on art, poetry must relate to a group of listeners, expressing their issues and
revealing, at the same tame, every positive and negative aspect in society. Thus a
number of Abbasid poets employed most of their poems to their society, criticizing
its negative points aiming to reform and brighten its dark areas.
In this research, focus is upon critical aspects of the Abbasid poetry . It was
clear that such poets felt responsible , although undirectly, to change what could be
changed of negative aspects . It seemed obvious that most of their criticism did not
violate our Islamic principles , but it tended to support it, aiming for avoiding the bad
things by means of convincing the listeners through the evidence which supports
their argument.
Abbasid poetic texts were critical and modern that is why that they can be
adopted to refine our contemporary problems , and this is the important factor which
give these texts the immortality through generations

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