Culture of the election In Iraqi society (Model 2005 elections)

  • Mona Mahmoud Ali


Iraqi elections that took place on 30.1.2005 showed Ajtmaihotfaal of a special type of behavior can be born Nnsabh to a new culture on the Iraqi society, can we call the culture of the election, which she attended on satisfying the needs of different groups and the essence of its culture, history of each group represents Tamimadtha cultural facts that explain the that have occurred in society during the elections is first and foremost represent Mikanzmat adapts by which the individual with reality and consistent, which increases the chance of survival and the survival of the group and its continuation, and in a society like Iraq's did not close after the urban intellectual, political, legal and other, the fact that custom and Shara and doctrine of religious and political means to save needs and rights of groups within the larger community, and it became rare to dare an individual belongs to a group controlled by custom or initiated, or the jurisprudence of a particular violation of rules that, which confirms that the social reality of Iraq had collapsed from the inside and centered social system around a core of sub-groups, Evgeb home and community both personal and crush the Iraqi political and distorted. Based on this view, the Iraqi society is a collection of groups increasingly bloc, especially in crises by asserting Hoaathavesubh concept of Iraqi identity concept socially because of the multiplicity of identities, each of which does not accept the other, but working on trying to overturn than lose the community balance required to achieve democracy and Lovers culture of election based on the type culture of sub-national culture, not on the public. 




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