Political implications of al sabah daily newspaper Akhparfai analytical study for the period from 1/6/2005 - 31/8/2005

  • Afnan Mohammed Shaban


The political news of our time and our time being associated with many lives of the masses as they affect their lives and their future and their destiny and interests of their country, and this refers to the ongoing relationship and exchanges between political power and media Through the media move the political news and political events and international conflicts, and this latest get newspapers on the material hot provided for the audience, and focused on the Iraqi press much political news and promised of materials important throughout its long history and it became clear that interest more after 2003 and the occupation of Iraq by U.S. forces, was to tell a political coups and regime change in Iraq and conflicts over power, and election battles between the forces and parties to the conflict in across the country which gave the special place of the news of political journalism Iraq, linked with the lives of the Iraqi citizen who is seeking after the purchase of newspapers to read the political news concerning the fate of his life and his future and concerns daily and living and the fate of his country and the government's political in a country, news is the political promised News's major newspapers that have audience who is seeking it and its sources through which you get the newspapers on its news. And the importance enjoyed by the subject of political news, this study dealing with the analysis the political news in the morning newspaper everyday of the corners and sides of multiple, divided the study into three chapters devoted the first chapter for the development of research methodology, while the second chapter guarantees to provide a definition of political news through different definitions of writers and researchers in this area to get out in the end, the definition of a procedural defines the concept of the political news, as well as a study of the kinds of political news in the second chapter of the research were divided news into several different types of species the main and secondary species, also included the second chapter the elements of the news of political numerous and varied to give us and sets us advantages enjoyed by the news of political, as well as identification of sources of news and political will discuss this part of the research sources that rely on newspapers to get the news and the nature of these sources, and includes a chapter also study the role of the political news in the press and the job performed and their relationship to political power and the nature of the Ela 


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