Libyan newspapers origins and evolution (1827-1897) (Historical Study)

  • Dr,Samir Abd al-Rasul al-Obeidi


Press a prominent role in various aspects of it that highlight the culture of the society which are those that witness the event on the progress of society and the political, cultural and economic is that paint a picture of society to see themselves and see others from which The old saying "If you want to find out if the cultural community look to his newspapers." It could be argued that cultural history is divided in terms of its sources to the covenants; The first era of pre-printing and Makhalafh of documents and manuscripts, and the second era of Publications multiple books, newspapers and magazines. The activity of scribes known as the old "Balorach" the image of a relative of what we call today the publishing industry. Despite experienced this process deficiencies; it should look to the product of some of them with activity, and science, the effort was a good job of publishing and documentation 




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