Land of Foreign Affairs In Fatimid Egypt

  • Dr.Nidhal Hameed Saaid
  • Dr,Haifaa Assim Mohammed


After the subject land of Foreign Affairs of the most important economic issues in Islamic history because it revolves around him or related more financial systems in Islam has meant scientists applicants by the great care Valfoa literature many of which are book abscess to the judge Abu Yusuf Yaqub ibn Ibrahim (d. 182 AH / 798 AD) and the book abscess of Yahya bin Adam (V: 203 AH / 818 AD) and others. We have been in the time of Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab () liberation of Iraq and the Levant and Egypt, the richest agricultural regions in the Arab Islamic state has refused to Caliph Umar () the distribution of the liberated territories, the Arab fighter, but make it Faia for Muslims to be the ownership of its lands to the state and farmers grow and use for tax them abscess which formed the most important imports Bayt Mal Muslims. The abscess Imad wealth of the Fatimid state, so our choice was the subject of (the land of Foreign Affairs in Fatimid Egypt) to study it. Section search two sections, we dealt with in Section I (abscess origin of the word, its origin and its development in Fatimid Egypt and studied in the second section (Systems and estimates and Times of the abscess collection in Fatimid Egypt). 


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