Research Methodology at the Arabs in the Social Studies

  • Farid Ali Amin


Characterized by social research of all kinds of great importance in all social roles, science has been and continues to play a distinct role in our daily lives, because it leads to radical changes in the evolution of societies. The study of man and the scientific community is a fundamental pillar of the pillars of human thinking in the understanding of present and future. And no doubt the scientific research that is happening on the methods of sound science has become a basis "for each development developmental conscious doing of developed countries, because scientific research is the basis on which the light can social development to achieve its objectives in the formation of a society of prosperity, prosperity, and embodied the principle of equal opportunities for citizens to be tool change and progress in society. It was Ibn Battuta and Bin Khaldoun Bin Sina first clamored for the commitment of the world or research methodology of scientific research that requires the need for a clear separation between facts and values​​, any separation between what is an object and what should be, and such separation must be thinking of social specialization as phenomena and the analysis and linking them in order to explain the process of social mission such as marriage, family, war and civilization, inheritance, property and the state and the law.


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