Wisdom in poetry Ibn al-Khatib (d. 776 AH)

  • Mohammed Abdul Amir al-Obeidi


Wisdom is knowing the best things the best science, who is said to improve the minutes of industries and roles: Wise. According to the Hadith: (The wisdom of the hair) (1) that is beneficial in the hair talk is forbidden ignorance and foolishness, and was wanted by the sermons and parables that will benefit the people (2). This means that the wisdom concerned with ethics and politely guide to the high ideals and each Mainf society.The Arabs say ruled tightened and prevented in the sense and echoed, and this was said to the governor governor because it prevents the unjust from oppression. It is said: the rule of the orphan any stop him from corruption, fix, and anyone who prevented him from something the wisdom and Ogmth (3), as well as prudent or wise, it prevents the creation Alrvel values ​​and corrupt, and thus function as a moral social education, as the (order of wisdom with all the praise in the beginning impact and pleasure when the disclosure experience and believes in the harmful consequences) (4) 

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