Aesthetic structures forming in the letters of ibn Zaidoun

  • Dr.Sana Sagt Hadab


Before looking at the composition of the board prose aesthetic, critical Knther Zaidoun son, who have not received it, achieving his letters is well known *, we are trying to take something which the value and nature of the prose, which counted as a very high position in the literary is not limited to hair which is famous for it, but included the prose of the definition of his ability and his proficiency in both technocracy, Vmma came in ammunition ((Abu Hassan: It was Abu al-Walid's strewn and versified, and a conclusion poets GATCO, one of the drag days on and rolls creatures occurred, and disbursement of the Sultan useful and harm, and extended release systems, prose, literature is not to flow to the sea, nor the Badr his brilliance, and felt not for his charm, does not associate with the stars cast, observed a strange buildings of prose poetic words and meanings 




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