Number three In Quran Contextual study of expressive

  • Mahmoud Suleiman A'lewi


Van There is no doubt that the Koran is the source of many of the studies, but I can assure you that the Library Arab and Muslim are Eyal on this book miraculous is any "Library Arab-Islamic," the fruit of research that took place in the language of that book, methods and eloquence was the product mass and all that over the years with all Maalv about this book, it still evokes ideas researchers are trying to put forward and the excitement of that book is not Balgraybh is that which does not expire wonders do not run out of Graúbh does not create a large number of response and the ideas that came up to me in this book Galilee question "triads in the Koran," as I noticed the large number of triads tried to write where I found the material a large can pose more of research chose to be singled out for each item of the triads in search of its own, as I noticed that the triads regard to the number "three" figure, including what the number "three" any census that there were three accidents for example, or three items or three bodies to what's out there, but three of the things I have found that many of the prayers came in the Holy Quran and the requirement that three-opted to be a series of triads like this 

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