Criminal substantive protection of victims of trafficking in human beings A comparative study


  • Assistant Professor Dr Hassoun Obaid Hgej


Trafficking, the victim, Security, punishment


Trafficking in human beings third criminal problem of concern to the world after the problem of drug trafficking , arms trafficking , and represents one of the images of organized crime vehicle and the complex and dangerous , they are a vehicle as it consists of a series of criminal acts different , which is complicated because they are committed in ways that is accurate and of criminal groups too in the organization may cover up behind the acts seem to be legitimate and resort for people with clout in order to conceal their criminal activities , a serious view of the failure of the disastrous effects on the security of the state and entity social and economic system , and to the failure of thousands of victims of men, women and children , and because of its devastating effect on society interior , so it should that received anti- crime of human trafficking as a form of organized crime ( ( transnational ) ) care and special attention at the domestic level by as much as Mathzy of care and attention at the international level