Disability and Drug Addiction


  • Lec.Dr. Lamyya Mohammed Hassan


Disability, Drug, Disabled


The problem of taking drugs begins to take large space inside Iraqi society and this problem had not found in this horrible form as it now, especially after the American invasion (2003) year, this phenomena increase and begin to speart on all groups of society the normal and up normal ones and up normal peoples means disable ones. This problem has been affected in many people and many factors and resons has been double in occurrence of such problem. Actually we try in this study to shed light on the disability problem and addiction on drugs and the aim of this study is to know the kinds of drugs in Iraq and discover the physiological , economical, social factors that pushed the disable to addiction on the drugs. This study includes both theoretical and experimental work, theoretical aspect of study contain the general out line of the study, which determine the problem and it's significance and the aims of the study definition of basic of basic scientific terms, and also include the types of drugs in Iraq, in addition to that the relationship between the disability and addiction on the drugs. While the experimental work contains the scientific procedures for this study.Determine the size if sample (kinds and size) which is purposeful sample applied on (50) person and also include the information and analyze it and coming to the important results and recommendation and suggestion which researcher has been arrived to this study contribute indetermine the means that can be benefit for treatment this problem and the most important results is the disability is one of the factors that cause taking drugs and also there is many factors that may be affection thus problem such as economical, psychological or may be social that contribute in way or another in pushing disable for addiction on drugs in some time.