The Effect of Mccarthy Model in Ecguistion of concepts art element for first people in department of art education


  • Zuhoor Jabbar Radi Al -Atwany


art element, first people in department, art education


Aquiring the elements of art is regarded the mast important factor to understand this material because they link earning process with the problems of education of art.The artistic concepts have been chosen according to haw they would be acquired (detention of the concepts, example of the concept, the application of the concepts) so they because (20) artistic concepts.The researcher has designed four multiple chose lest of acquiring the concepts. This test has been applied on the sample of the test which consists of (26) mule and lemale students, the test was applied on both the experimental group which taught by (Macarthy) model and the control group which is taught by the traditional method after the statistical treatment. The results show that the achievement of the experimental group is more that of the control group. At the level of significance (5%). On the height of the results the researcher has reached to conclusions, recommendation and finally suggestions.