Unique Quranic verbal on construction (foal) (Hopa) model


  • Jinan Nazim Hamid


Unique, orphans, hopa


Simmer in a statement commentators meaning Alihub in the verse : {Ouatwa orphans Omulhm , not malignant change Bettayeb do not eat Omulhm to Omulkm It was a great Hopa}the injustice and sin and error and sorrow , murder and so on. Do not accrue Balmdalal minute for these isotopes only after the management of significant examples of construction morphological (foal) to express the Qur'an in order to carry word on one of the meanings of the many, and examine the statements of linguists in the derivatives of the root (Houb) and its analogues in the door of derivation largest , namely: (a whale, helmets , Hur , possession , monsters , Bath , Hot , about , meat , Hoy) . And approach between the isotopes (Hopa) in the Quranic expression that display the sanctity of eating money orphans . As well as manage the context of the expression , which included a Quranic word expression and significance . And research in a series of specialized research study words unique in the Koran comprehensive study of the language arts four (audio and exchange , grammar and lexicon) in order to stand -about assuring him- on the exact meaning of each of them , a sense envisaged by the expression Quranic revenue word is unique among his words miracle. Find am persuaded that the interpretation of the Quranic word Bmradfh moral is no longer useful in the present day, which makes it imperative that the Arab - seekers Atdhuqgua chart miracles to the words of the Koran , which is do not the way (the word and meaning) as it has many of the books interpretation.