Fares Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and his family) Abu Qatada Al-Ansari(Historical Study)


  • Sahar Abdullah Mohammed


The Islamic history is full of events created by the figures does it contributed to all the activities of political life and jihad, social and religious, was addressed by researchers narrators of these figures to research and study Faberzoa their different roles, focusing on some aspects without the other and led some political circumstances to ignore talk about a lot of the characters that have had a role Join in the history of Islam. Among these characters figure Abu Qatada ibn two quarters Ansari subject of our search where found in his study fairer for this character unique because it is one of the men of Islam those who care about those who defended their religion and their homeland of those who believe in Allah and His Messenger and the guardian in word and deed, and labored in the way of Allah Almighty the right to struggle and dig falsehood where Dhar horn.