The Reasons of Children Employment Field Study in Baghdad City


  • Sahare Adnan Shehab


There is no doubt that children employment at early age effect them negatively and on their chances in getting good education, and hindrance their physical, moral and psychological growing on the required way and make them under the abuse by parents and the employers of the agricultural, commercial and industrial works to practice different types of works which effect negatively on the forming of their personalities for these reasons the researcher studied this subject for its ultimate importance and its negative effect on the children growing.As for the most important goals which the researcher identify are: 1-Exploring the causes behind children employment 2-Identifying the most important causes of the children employment and the less important ones.As well the research include two sides: the theoretical and the field study. The theoretical side contained the introduction, thesis importance, the goals, the thesis areas, in addition to the identification of the concept and the conclusion, the researcher tackled the roots of children employment and forms of children employment, as for the field study in which we identify the sample size in a sample random way of city children which practice different types of labours in the streets and they were total to "50" children after conducting a flying study on them by the researcher and after that she made a questionnaire bill and it was spread on the children and filled by interview and made statistical tables and finally we have reached the most important results in accordance to ratio weight and status sequence and as follow: 1-Poverty was the most important reason behind children employment in rattail weight 86%2-The family troubles and the low living level in a rattail weight of 81%.3-The death of one of the parents or both in a rattail weight of 80%.4-Children employment protect abuse, loose and need in a rattail weight 76%. 5-The low educational level of the child in a rattail weight of 76%.6-Too many family members in a rattail weight of 75%.7-The prevailing of the traditional values inside the family in a rattail weight of 70%. x