Intertextuality in the poetry of Ahmad Mattar


  • Abdel-Moneim Jabbar Obeid


Title of thesis:intertextuality in Ahmad Mattar’s poetryIntroduced by Abdul-muneam Jabbar Obaid The research of (intertextuality) in the poetry is considered one of the important studies that refers to the poet’s originality, the depth of his culture and the good use to the different elements in his intertextuality . The nature of the creator is joined with previous creations works .we do not fined a music piece dislike all music or painting dislike the all. As the human can not form his world alone without the influence of his society .as well as he cant make his creation separately . he need to previous creations in order to be in high spirit of creation . Ahmed Matter is a poet has large presence in the modern Arabic poetry .the poet represent the extent for the pioneers period in contemporary Arabic poetry .he has a group of poetic works which get about five hinderers pages and the (intertextuality) is available in his poetry from different resources such as Quran,poetry,and prose . Intertextuality with Quran can be divided into three parts: 1.dirct Quranic which is not modification. 2.dirct Quranic which is modification. 3.indirect Quranic which is modification. We study this phenomenon on tow levels ,the first is called (Thurea of the text ) that explain the text .and will be the key for it.the second is called (main structure) that represent the poem . intertextuality with Quran is so much in his poetry . Intertextuality with poetry that deals with the ancient Arabic and contemporary Arabic poetry .he benefits from both equality .he choose the famous lines and the meanings which is closed for himself and his Subject.Intertextuality with pros was very various such as prophet talking ,popular story,speech,song,poletical speech,athletic. Either the shapes of intertextuality are three :1.external intertextuality 2.enternal intertextuality3.musical intertextuality, he was very distinctive in this style .intertextuality is found greatly in all kinds of poetry .we can not imagine any text or poem without intertextualiy .no one has the ability to create anew thing as a pure . The linguistic concept of text don’t join with denotation meaning at the Arab because it depend on the a appearance and height and the concept of the text as a web in a west. The theft , quotation , object and implication don’t represent the roots for intertextuality concept. The origin of intertextuality in the modern concept is considered a western in its originality .the method to deal with the text and its resources is called (Altabanin ) that means the difference among strictures.