((Ghitani plans)) Rooting for a novelist and sent to the legacy of the Arab ((A study in narrative structure))


  • Dr. Ali khataa khalaf


I knew the Arabic novel in the process of evolution in the twentieth century, and at the hands of prominent Arab writers, and many Arab countries, serious attempts and informed to return to the roots of the Arab shear for use in building an authentic Arabic novel. Perhaps one of the most famous of these novelists, beauty Ghitani which seeks diligently in an effort founding a clear and sustained capacity-building novel authentic Arabic, and can count his novel "plans Ghitani" one of the most important attempts in this regard, from here comes the pursuit of this study is to detect relevant deep hosted by Ghitani in the "plans" with the Arab narrative tradition in order to consolidate the Arab novel, through the testimony of the enormous potential that is full of the Arab-Islamic heritage, which is here the historical writings, particularly "The Art of plans" that Arab art inherent