Social organization between power and authority

  • Moshhen Zeid Mohammed


We confirmed in this study on power relations in exchange for power relations Unlike studies traditional organizational , and we have the interpretation of force as a variable dependent versus interpreted as a variable independent and therefore we connect between power and the balance of format and accomplish the tasks and cooperate between sub-units within the organization , and we knew the force as a determinant of behavior and not as an exercise of oppression .It turned out that the force characterize relations between the social worker social one that we mean by an individual or organization or sub-unit within it can Acquires force in the context of social particular and on the strength of less in the context of other social and therefore considered force context or relationship with a particular person is not considered a strong or colorless power in general , but as well be in relation to social factors other within a social context specific or under the relationship of certain social and divide tasks within organizations between the sections and sub-units do not equal those units in the force , and what we understand implicitly of this phrase is that the force is the phenomenon of structural created by the division of labor and sub-units adapt to fluctuations. 


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