Historical narrative of the battle of Taf - Study the sources of the public -

  • Nidhal Hameed Saaid
  • Sami Hamoud al-Haj Jassim


he incident nicer of the fiercest controversy in Islamic history was the results and details of the battle the effects of political, psychological and ideological still the subject of controversy to the contemporary period, where is this battle, the most prominent incident of a series of facts that have had a pivotal role in shaping the nature of the relationship between Sunnis and Shiites throughout history and has become the battle of Karbala and the minute details of a symbol of the Islamic world and the most important cultural and become Mrtkzachm on 10 Muharram or Ashura, the day of the battle, a symbol "of the Revolution of the oppressed to the oppressor and the day the victory of blood over the sword." Despite the lack of importance of this battle from the military point where I consider some of the failed mutiny attempt carried out by Hussein, but the battle left the effects of political and intellectual and religious important. Where he became the slogan "In revenge for Hussein," a central factor in the crystallization of Shiite culture and has become the battle and the details and the results represent the value of spirituality with great meanings to Muslims who consider the battle of Karbala a political revolution against injustice. While the cemetery became Hussein (peace be upon him) in Karbala, a holy place visited by the faithful, with the accompanying chanting of prayers, especially during each visit to his grave. The incident nicer earthquake king Umayyad wide and Qkult staff their power and caused a change in the pages of writers paid because it was not Al-Hussein (peace be upon him), which was engraved ring (God whosoever) care about victory or defeat of the field and utensils when he stood by himself, which is serious in during the march to Kufa Pencaúh and children walk to death by two seventy-only owners, chanting voices, hugging glory (God, heaven, God, and Paradise) in their standar 




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