Built in framing critical discourse A Study in cash AJ Products

  • Dr.fa'aez hato alshareaa


Seems to be an inevitable split the speech into a self and an objective (collective) in the words of Charles Lalo: ((The Art is I, science is we)) (1) meted out a measure of fault when we find a pattern of texts Amazj between the two areas (ego / Alnhan), put His expressive, and function, the problem is an open border, which is cash, which you are trying some schools the stability part of a pattern (Alnhan) with objective function (scientific), while the stresses schools last text Metn cash, nor Othreyth, and the fact that falls within the scope of creativity with individual performance (ego), but if you count cash equivalent of the letter last letter, or is it an echo of frequencies, while retaining performance in ways appropriate to its nature, how can classify the speech, which analyzes the text and reveal its secrets, and to loose Its blades? Does that mean textual criticism as practiced by the scan, study and analysis, and by its results fall within the (literary), can not paradox area of ​​innovation in the physical appearance / Almtnas, as it does not leave the field of humanities, sciences and other exchange. 


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