Methods of peaceful Italian penetration in State of Tripoli West (1881-1911)

  • Assistant Professor Dr. Samir Abdul Rasoul Al Obeidi


The European colonial penetration was manifested in its geographical beginnings and in the activity of the European consuls; it was used as a basis for the definition of Africa, where the center was an unknown spot                                                                          .

The Italian colonialists considered the Mediterranean region, including the North African countries, to be the natural space for their expansion, stressing at the time that the seizure of Tripoli by any other party was a threat to the security of Italy                         

Italian politicians began to embrace the project in its peaceful phase. Prime Minister Giulietti, for his enthusiasm and long tenure, began to promote public opinion in support of peaceful means of penetration. This helped the Ottoman administration's decay and delay in all fields                                                                                  .

   Italian explorers quickly gathered to gather information about Tripoli in order to make use of the future. They provided the decision makers with a comprehensive picture of the state and its inhabitants, which is very valuable, which contributed to increasing the momentum for peaceful penetration                                                   .

   This is followed by the arrival of missionaries, who found the opportunity to work in the social sphere because of the great shortage of education and health. Their background and advanced experience in this context, which enjoys abundant governmental support, are also very sophisticated if compared to the dilapidated Ottoman administration. Italian language and culture, especially in the upper classes, have been spread as a result of constant friction with Italian community members who have been active in all aspects of Tripoli society                                                                                  .

  In conclusion, the economic dimension was the main focus of Italian penetration in Tripoli, the main reason for the beginning of the project. The Italian authorities sought to explore and then dominate all economic activities and the related infrastructure of ports, railways, etc., Has the necessary expertise in this regard, represented by the Bank of Rome, which entered the state in 1905, in order to achieve specific goals, and with the full support of the Italian government began to penetrate and acquire all aspects of economic activity, Its final finish

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