No. 84 (2018)

Issue No. (84) of the Journal of Arts of Mustansiriya amid an atmosphere full of academic trends that race time to obtain advanced positions in the general scientific climate, which does not leave the feature of fission and acceleration continuous, and despite the difficulties surrounding scientific research in general and scientific research in particular, Al Mustansiriya, and in order to provide a quarterly publication in which the research of professors is promoted within the various scientific disciplines, this issue is published in a variety of researches, with a tendency to dominate the overall published ideas and opinions in the general climates of the issue research. Which is known as most publications in the midst of this explosion and digital printing, the editorial board and through the mechanisms of selecting research to activate the scientific controls in the dissemination of research and evaluation, which is reflected on the quality of scientific research published, with the hope of the Editorial Board of comments by readers to enrich the work of the magazine And increase the activation of opinions and accretions

Published: 2018-12-17