Depression in the elderly

  • M. Heba Abdel – Hussein


Aging is one of the final stages of the human life cycle, which may be characterized by many negative symptoms and in all respects, whether psychological and psychological and be represented in isolation and sadness and lethargy, after his life was traveling with vitality and activity and pleasure

The current research aims to:

1 - Identify the level of psychological depression in the elderly.

2 - Identify the level of depression in the elderly according to the variable sex (male - female).

      The research sample consisted of (140) elderly and elderly persons present in the Department of Counseling, Salikh for the care of the elderly. To achieve the objectives of the current research, the researcher constructed a measure of depression in the elderly. Data collection and statistical processing using a single sample tester and a meta-test for two independent samples indicated that:

1- There is depression in the elderly.

2 - There are differences of statistical significance in the depression in the elderly according to sex variable and for the benefit of males.

   In addition to the relevant aspects of this research, the researcher recommended a number of recommendations, including:

  • Involve the elderly as much as possible of social activities and benefit from their experience, as this leads to the strengthening of self-esteem as well as reduce the degree of pessimism and isolation and this will reduce the symptoms of depression.

The researcher suggested a number of studies and scientific research, including:

1- Conduct further studies on this age level in order to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

2. Introduce educational and guidance programs to alleviate the severity and severity of the depressive and psychological symptoms of the elderly in the world.

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