The frequency of the image structure in the Iraqi novel After 2005

  • Assistant Professor Dr .Ali aziz saleh
  • Assistant Professor Dr.Bushra yassin


The Iraqi novel after 2005 and subsequent events witnessed the frequency of descriptive and narrative images that embody the destruction and destruction caused by the sectarian tension at the time. It also reflected the negative reflection of the violence on the Iraqi society and the consequent distortion in the community structure. Which is useless, as the novelists put through these images and their view of the reflection of these images negatively on the human soul and the distorted legacy left by the Iraqi society.

And the frequent invocation of these images in the novels based on the shocking reality of the similarity of destinies because of the conflict, we saw stand in this critical approach when the author's ability to invest these images and employ them aesthetically, and then stand on the indications envisaged.

          The novelists resorted to sensory imagery to reveal the dark reality and the logic of life and the drowning of society in the darkness of sectarian violence. Even if this stage is like a maze that entered the novelists from the door itself, but they dispersed each in a way.

In this critical approach, we will witness the recurrent images in a collection of Iraqi novels (only the pomegranate tree and the novel by Mary for Satan Antoine, the novel of the Baghdad morgue by Burhan Shawi and the Frankenstein novel in Baghdad by Ahmad Saadawi and the story of Hakayti with a broken head to improve the Kermiani) And the mutilated bodies, which will be dealt with in the first subject, the second section will be based on the frequency of images of destruction left by this stage, such as killing on identity and forced displacement and sectarian congestion .. And the secretions of these images frequent in Iraqi society in all its components.

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