Academic studies are witnessing very important transformations, which may be the most rapid in the history of mankind, transformations contribute in one way or another to identify the nature of the raised scientific and scientific questions that continue to cast a shadow on the public interested in questioning and answer at the same time, the university may be stored A research archive is the first target to provide comprehensive answers to all the problems that arise and accompany the transformations that are manifested in the cognitive questions. Hence, the studies under the number 83 of the Mustansiriya Journal of Arts have attempted to leap into the question of obsession, Diversification of research comprising the new version of the magazine, the number included at the level of doing research a variety of research track and diversity, but that diversity is collected by a string which is a clear attempt to provide even the horizon of knowledge contributes towards the initial submission of a brick building which is part of the great science building.

Published: 2018-09-01